GCC for Windows 64 & 32 bits


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 ===== Current version: v5 ===== ===== Current version: v5 =====
 +v5.0.3: [[https://​sourceforge.net/​p/​mingw-w64/​mailman/​message/​36103143/​|2017-11-04]]
 +  * pseudo-reloc will now try to restore page protection settings prior to manipulating it, rather than simply assuming it was read-only with execute.
 +  * winpthreads:​ Fix undefined <​nowiki>​__divmoddi4</​nowiki>​ when compiling with newly bootstrapped gcc-7
 +  * Fixed modf family segfault due to eax clobbering.
 v5.0.2: [[https://​sourceforge.net/​p/​mingw-w64/​mailman/​message/​35754067/​|2017-03-28]] v5.0.2: [[https://​sourceforge.net/​p/​mingw-w64/​mailman/​message/​35754067/​|2017-03-28]]