GCC for Windows 64 & 32 bits

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Current version: v8

Version 8 has been released

v8.0.0: 2020-09-18

Notable changes:

  • New Hyper-V headers and libraries by Biswapriyo Nath
  • Many headers updated from Wine by Jacek Caban.
  • ARM math improvements by Martin Storsjö
  • floating point fixes by Liu Hao
  • many *printf compatibility fixes by Liu Hao and Martin Storsjö
  • massive Windows App Store API updates by Steve Lhomme
  • winstorecompat library updates by Martin Storsjö
  • USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO now automatically enabled in C99 and C11 mode when not using UCRT by Pali Rohár * wdm and ddk updates by Zebediah Figura * UCRT for Windows Store Apps (-lucrtapp) by Martin Storsjö * Audioclient and ActivateAudioInterfaceAsync API updates by Liu Hao * DirectX SDKs are now always installed v7.0.0: 2019-11-10 Notable changes: * _FORTIFY_SOURCE support thanks to Christian Franke. * Lots of math fixes from Martin Storsjö. * Many headers updated from Wine by Jacek Caban. * UCRT support by Martin Storsjö. <spoiler|And many other additions thanks to, but not limited to (in Alphabetical order)> * Alexey Pavlov * Antoine Cœur * Biswapriyo Nath * Chris Charabaruk * Christian Franke * Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen * Jacek Caban * James Ross-Gowan * Johannes Pfau * Kai Tietz * Liu Hao * Marisa-Chan * Martin Storsjö * Marvin Scholz * Mateusz Brzostek * Matthew Palermo * Nikolay Sivov * Pierre Lamot * Richard Pospesel * Ruslan Garipov * sezero * SquallATF * Steve Lhomme * Tomáš Golembiovský * Tom Ritter * xnor * Zach Bacon * Zebediah Figura * Руслан Ижбулатов </spoiler>
    ===== Previous Versions ===== ==== v6 ==== v6.0.0: 2018-09-17 Notable changes: * C++ __cxa_atexit thanks to Martin Storsjö and Liu Hao * Massive additions to support UCRT thanks to Martin Storsjö * Sync COM interface headers with Wine development thanks to Jacek Caban * WinRT additions thanks to Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen * ARM32 and ARM64 additions thanks to Martin Storsjö * CRT library api-ms-win-core additions thanks to Martin Storsjö * CRT library def file reorganization thanks to Martin Storsjö <spoiler|And many other additions thanks to, but not limited to (in Alphabetical order)> Alexey Pavlov Alon Bar-Lev André Hentschel Arthur Edelstein Corinna Vinschen David Grayson David Wohlferd Ebrahim Byagowi Guy Helmer Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen Ihsan Akmal Jacek Caban James Ross-Gowan Jean-Baptiste Kempf Jonathan Yong Jon Turney Kai Tietz Liu Hao Martell Malone Martin Storsjö Mateusz Matheus Izvekov mati865 Michał Janiszewski Nikolay Sivov niXman Petri Hodju Ray Donnelly Ruben Van Boxem Ruslan Garipov Samuel D. Leslie sezero Soar Qin Tamar Christina Tamir Duberstein Tim Hutt Tom Ritter Yuta Nakai Алексей Павлов Руслан Ижбулатов 宋冬生 </spoiler>
    ==== v5 ==== v5.0.4: 2018-06-04 * Fix gcc-8.1.0 compatibility regarding _xgetbv * %e printf specifier will now produce at least 2 digits for the exponent. v5.0.3: 2017-11-04 * pseudo-reloc will now try to restore page protection settings prior to manipulating it, rather than simply assuming it was read-only with execute. * winpthreads: Fix undefined __divmoddi4 when compiling with newly bootstrapped gcc-7 * Fixed modf family segfault due to eax clobbering. v5.0.2: 2017-03-28 * RegSetKeyValueW now has proper wide arguments. * Fix some crashes in winpthreads due to misaligned memory access when used with some SSE instructions. * Fix pdh.h function calls to have proper stdcall decorators. v5.0.1: 2017-01-06 * Don't use feature (__attribute__((gcc_struct))) that isn't supported on clang when compiling on clang thanks to David Wohlferd. * Various ARM math fixes thanks to Martin Storsjö * Removed some duplicate uuids defintions, thanks to Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen. * Define IN6_IS_ADDR_ macros to conform to Posix Specm thanks to Jean-Baptiste Kempf * dxva.h: Add support for VP8/9 in DxVA2 thanks to Yuta Nakai v5.0.0: 2016-10-19 * Fixes to the
    mingw_printf family of functions.
  • DirectX updates from Wine.
  • Various updates to support Windows 7 and 10.
  • Various header typo fixes.


  • 32bit ARM thumb software math (Thanks to André Hentschel!).
  • New ftw() support for gcc-5.x support.
  • Experimental printf changes - Ability to print 128bit integers (%I128*) and Decimal Floats (%H, %D), disabled by default. Build the CRT with —-enable-experimental to use.
  • Updated OpenGL 4.5 headers.
  • Better DirectX 11 support.
  • Better Windows 7, 8/8.1 API support.


  • Required for GCC 4.8.
  • Much improved floating point math performance.
  • Improved MSVC intrinsics performance.
  • Addition of wide variants in C99 printf and scanf.
  • Partial C1X secure CRT support.
  • Partial MS Secure CRT templates for C++.
  • Vastly improved Windows 7 and 8 win32 API support.
  • POSIX-style Large File Support.
  • Winpthread: new library, pthreads implementation for Windows.
  • Winstorecompat: new library for Windows Store compatibility (WIP).


  • Expanded Windows Vista/7 API support.